57 Chain Restaurants That Do School Fundraisers

A car wash is a great middle school fundraising idea because it gets everyone outside. Don’t be scared; it’s just your next school fundraising idea! A haunted house is a fun way to raise money for your school. A popular and traditional school fundraiser is to sell candy bars. You can buy candy bars in bulk from a wholesaler or partner with a candy company to get a discounted price.
Have each person post their video to the social platforms your supporters use most. Finally, each person has to tag someone and donate once they’ve completed the challenge. If the tagged friend doesn’t participate, they have to double their donation. In this section of the 50 fundraising ideas guide, you’ll find the best fundraising ideas for each season and be able to choose the best one for your group.
Feature animals that are available for adoption, but also charge for participation (with all the funds going to support your shelter). The owners will also feel good knowing their money will be helping animals like theirs! Make sure to promote the service on social media and by handing out flyers. Keep the prices quite accessible, around $10-$20 for an hour or two.
Charge a fee for each player, assemble bingo cards and markers, and look for a few volunteers to call numbers during the night. You can provide prizes to the winners and sell snacks and drinks to add to the fundraising total. Raise funds for your PTA or PTO by selling custom-designed T-shirts.
The more tickets a donor purchases, the better their chances of winning. If a charity auction is out of your (or your donors’) price range, consider hosting a raffle or penny social instead. Plus, you can incorporate matching gifts more readily into your school’s website. If you have an online donation form, consider including a matching gift tool so that donors can easily determine the eligibility of their gifts. With OneCause, it’s easy to implement mobile bidding and create a branded auction site.
If you are looking for high profits than you might start by reviewing the different discount card fundraisers on our site. There are pizza cards, sandwich shop cards and custom discount cards so there are plenty of options to consider. Click here for information on our Discount Card Fundraisers. Do you need help choosing the best Sports Fundraising Idea for your group? We have divided the different sports related fundraising ideas into specific sports. Click here to visit our Sports Fundraising ideas overview page.
But there is such diversity that a wide selection of fundraising programs have been created specifically for schools. We can help choose the best school fundraising idea for your group. Obviously school wide elementary school fundraiser will be different than a fundraiser held by a high school club.
The principal can volunteer to be on the chair of the dunk tank and as soon as students hit a certain level of fundraising, they will receive an additional toss. It will be up to them and their aim to dunk the principal, but even having the chance can increase participation. Another item that works well for this is dresses for school dances and special events. Most high schools and some junior high schools have a few formal dances each year.
Try to price the sandwiches reasonably so students will buy them. Volunteers can staff the sandwich stand to either sell sandwiches or handle money. A nacho bar is a festive school fundraising idea that you can set up during lunchtime, after school, or at a school event, game or fair. high school fundraisers , dairy-free cheese and gluten-free chips will also ensure everyone can get involved.