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It is important to remember with regard to offsite employment that the L1B visa only authorizes work in a specialized knowledge capacity for the petitioning organization. The Memorandum cautions that no single piece of evidence determines eligibility. There’s also theE-B4 Green Card, which is available to religious workers and translators, and theE-B5 visa, which caters to foreign nationals interested in investing significant capital in the U.S. To find out more about filing for an adjustment of status and your eligibility for a different type of working visa, it’s best to talk to an immigration lawyer. Are fortunate we made a correct decision by making Ashoori Law firm as our lawyer. Ashoori Law team gave us a very clear and easy to understand step by step application process, which made it very easy for me to collect the relevant documents and submit.
difference between l1a and l1b permits a U.S. company to temporarily transfer certain employees from a properly affiliated foreign company. The employee must be offered employment in either an executive / managerial position or in a specialized knowledge position to qualify for this classification. Executive / managerial transferees are given the L1A designation. Specialized knowledge transferees are given the L1B designation.
Although L-1 Visas do not grant permanent residency, foreign nationals who have entered the U.S. via an L-1 may apply for permanent residency while holding an L-1. A person in L-1 status generally may work only for the petitioning company. If the L-1 worker enters based on an L-1 blanket, however, it generally is possible for the worker to be moved in the same capacity to any other related company listed on the blanket. For L1-A and L1-B visa holders, the maximum initial length of stay is three years unless they are entering the U.S. to establish a new office, in which case the maximum initial length of stay is one year. Extensions may be granted in two-year increments, subject to a maximum limit of seven years for L1-A visa holders and five years for L1-B visa holders. If either of these qualifications is not satisfied (for example, if the company is seeking to relocate to the United States rather than maintaining facilities in the U.S. and a foreign country), then its employees will not be eligible for L1 visas.
In order to do this, once your Form I-129 is approved, the appropriate US consulate will schedule a visa interview with you. The second step to getting an L1B visa is to hire animmigration lawyer. Your immigration lawyer will carefully review your case and determine whether the L1B visa is the appropriate option based on your qualifications and your desired immigration outcomes. Your employer must show that the US company has secured sufficient physical premises to house the business in your petition . A new office is defined as a company which has been doing business for less than 1 year.
However, you cannot transfer to another company under the same L1 visa. The above are just three of the situations that can occur as a result of differing expiration dates involving Blanket L visas. Consequently, individuals on L-1 visas should make sure when returning to the U.S. from abroad that their I-94 “admit until” dates reflect the I-129S expiration date and ask to see a supervisor if it does not. The Plan Writers team delivers highly detailed and professional business plans that are tailored according to the unique needs of the business.