What Is Local SEO? How Local Businesses Can Rank Higher on Google

You can do this in a number of ways, including a postcard to your business address. To learn more, take a look at Google’s verification instructions. If you are following best practices and benchmarking at under 15% negative reviews, there is little reason to worry about your online reputation. Widewail’s reporting tracks this metric for each profit center – making it easy to identify the specific areas of your business that are receiving disproportionately negative feedback. Was there turnover in an underperforming department that month? Whatever it may be, understanding which segments of your business are struggling is the first step towards making improvements.
So even if you rank on the first page of local search results, you might not show up as prominently as the businesses that manage to get featured in snack pack results. Your reports might include key metrics such as web traffic, conversion rate, search rankings, new links, and bounce rate. However, the data that you track and report will vary from client to client depending on what their specific goals are. Great content will also help you to generate inbound links to your site, which is another local search ranking factor. As we have just seen, reputation management is a key component of a strong local SEO strategy.
Whether you have multiple business locations or just want to target a specific location, we can help users find you with localized landing pages. Using location-targeted keywords and details, these pages allow the user to get the specific information they need. In addition to our current SEO strategies, we have specific methods for increasing traffic and sales for localized businesses. We build on our fundamental methods of SEO success to create a more targeted approach towards consumers in your area. One of the ways that local SEO enhances your online visibility is through the local snack pack results. Google sorts out local search results into three sections – sponsored, snack pack and organic.
We provide you with a dashboard offering detailed reports and screenshots on your search position for any given keyword. We optimize your content to draw in customers in your local area. Our goal is to work with you to develop informative, creative content that will keep your local audience coming back for more.
Make sure your business name, address and phone number are consistent across all your listings. Longtail keywords are three or more keywords strung together that are specific to what you’re selling. This will improve your chances of ranking higher on Google because you’re targeting a specific location and keyword. Coalition Technologies is built on collaboration and innovation, which is why we’re constantly researching and developing new and better ways to optimize your website.
In addition to knowing what Local SEO is , it’s important to understand that organic website traffic and local SEO are linked to relevancy. Local search engine optimization are tactics that help your website rank higher in location-based search results (e.g., “dentists near me”). Keep your business blog up to date with fresh, search engine optimized content. You can use keyword research tools like SEMrush.com to find relevant, geo-specific keywords to target in your content.
Local SEO helps increase online visibility so you get noticed by new customers. Higher rankings in Google search means more foot traffic to your physical office/storefront. Read on to learn more about the benefits of local SEO and how to use it to grow your local business.
Oftentimes when we talk about SEO, keywords are also involved in the conversation. Blogs help provide another platform to give solutions to your audience when they search for answers to their questions. They help promote original content about your business and industry. External linking is the same but the links would come from other sites back to yours. You place links in your content that link back to other content you’ve produced. A citation is when a third-party website lists your business as a point of reference.